Printer Drivers

Ch8510 Citoh 8510
Ci3530p Citizen IDP 3530 (Parallel)
Ci3530s Citizen IDP 3530 (Serial)
Ci3540p Citizen IDP 3540 (Parallel)
Ci3540s Citizen IDP 3540 (Serial)
Ci3541p Citizen IDP 3541 (Parallel)
Ci3541s Citizen IDP 3541 (Serial)
Dh4700 DH Technology DH4700
Dp2130 DH Technology DP2130 (Serial)
Epfx80 Epson FX80
Epfx80pl Epson FX80 Plus
Epfx85 Epson FX85
Epfx86e Epson FX86e
Eplx100 Epson LX100
Eplx300 Epson LX300
Eplx400 Epson LX400
Eplx80 Epson LX80
Eplx800 Epson LX800
Eplx810 Epson LX810
Eplx850 Epson LX850
Eplx850p Epson LX850 Plus
Eplx86 Epson LX86
Pan1150 Panasonic KX-P 1150
Pan1170 Panasonic KX-P 1170
Pan1180 Panasonic KX-P 1180
Sp199pl Seikosha SP-1900 Plus
Sp2000pl Seikosha SP-2000 Plus
Sp2100 Seikosha SP-2100
Sp2400 Seikosha SP-2400
Sp2415 Seikosha SP-2415
Uni1014 DH Technology DP1014 (Serial)
Uni1200 DH Technology DP1200 (Serial)

Bar-code Scanner Drivers

Ovation DataMax Ovation Bar code

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